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Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses For The Daring

Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses For The Daring

6 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I’ve always been under the impression that women like their weddings large and luxurious. I have come to reevaluate that impression since I have seen some rather crazy yet romantic weddings through the years here at Bit Rebels. It seems that for ordinary women, money isn’t much of a concern. Whatever way you look at it, a wedding is something that girls dream about, and they fantasize about how their own wedding will be. As I understand it, it’s just how it is, and there is no changing it. A multimillion dollar ring and a 1,000 wedding guests doesn’t seem to be the pinnacle of their dreams, even though I am sure they wouldn’t turn down those things either.

The step over to wedding dresses isn’t such a long one when you’re talking about getting married. It’s probably the one thing women put the most time into when they are planning their wedding. Maybe I am wrong, and I could very well be since I am not a woman, but experiences in my own life have led me to believe this is true.

What if you wanted to have different wedding dress than everyone else? How far would you go? The people over at Cheap Chic Weddings have organized a yearly contest that is entirely dedicated to toilet paper wedding dresses. And yes, this is all true. When you look at some of the entries, you will know why this is such a huge event and why people are so fascinated by it. The dresses are quite amazing really. So if you’re planning a wedding, and if your budget isn’t exactly as massive as a royal wedding, this could be your way to a better and more niche wedding.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Design

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Design

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Design

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