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This Geeky Kickass NES Mod Makes Me Hot & Heavy

This Geeky Kickass NES Mod Makes Me Hot & Heavy

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Is it weird that I get so excited over a well-done, glossy, geeky NES mod? I hope not. We see a lot of these mods, but rarely are they as nicely done as this. The last time I saw an NES mod that was this cool was the one that was turned into a fabulous to-die-for lunchbox. If you want to see that one, you can click over to The NES Lunchbox Mod For Hungry Retro Geeks.

This one below was created by reddit user Levirules3. He just put this on reddit about 15 hours ago, and it’s already gone viral. He wanted to get a very smooth, glossy finish on this NES, so he did a lot of research about spray painting plastic. He even practiced on scrap pieces of plastic. In addition to the bold colors, I think the glossy look is what makes this so attractive. He painted the entire outside and the visible part of the inside.

He did the lettering with a fine tip red marker. Apparently it’s tricky to find a marker that will write well on plastic, so if you do this yourself, be sure to practice with your marker first. He also added several LEDs. One replaced the standard power LED, and the rest were added to light up the question mark on the top. You can check out his original post on reddit. I love this!

Geeky NES Finished Mod

Geeky NES Finished Mod

Geeky Reddit NES Mod

Geeky NES Reddit Mod

Via: [So Geek Chic]

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