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The Star Wars Inspired Star Destroyer Ice Luge

The Star Wars Inspired Star Destroyer Ice Luge

6 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I will admit that I’ve never done a shot of tequila. Ever. However, if I was to do the salt thingy on my hand and try it, I can’t think of a more fun way to do it than to gulp it through this huge Star Wars inspired star destroyer made out of ice. This thing is quite an incredible creation!

It never ceases to amaze me how much people are inspired by Star Wars. I can’t even imagine how different our lives would be in so many ways if those movies were never made. They are truly a part of who we are, or at least, for us geeks. According to Instructables member Incrxtc, he made this for his friend’s birthday party. Wow, what a friend! He bought a 300-pound block of ice and got out the chain saw and the electric drill.

A few hours and one broken picnic table later, he put this badboy in the car and went to the party. What a geeky way to celebrate! I love it. He doesn’t give detailed directions on how to make one of these yourself, but I get the feeling it’s not that hard. But then again, the last time I operated a chain saw I almost chain sawed my foot off, so maybe I’m way off base about that. Either way, what a creative birthday present!

Star Destroyer Tequila Shooter

Star Destroyer Tequila Shooter

Star Wars Tequila Shooter

Star Wars Inspired Ice Sculpture

Star Wars Inspired Ice Sculpture

Via: [Obvious Winner]

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