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The Smartphone That Knows When You Are Angry & Annoyed

The Smartphone That Knows When You Are Angry & Annoyed

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

The people and brands who have been successful with social media in the past are the ones who are transparent. In other words, they are open and they engage with their network. Companies who address customer service concerns in the public timeline on Twitter, even if it’s embarrassing for them, always end up ahead compared to those companies who are too nervous to even go there. I received a personal tweet this week from Papa John’s Pizza, and that’s a perfect example. I will remember that.

Regarding individual people and their personal social media networks, users and designers seem to be taking this transparency one step further. It seems to be heading towards an environment where our social media personalities truly become an extension and representation of what we are doing and feeling in real time in real life. We’ve seen many gadgets over the past few years that tap into our brain waves, and they send a signal based on what we are feeling. Just last month I wrote about a smartphone concept design that is so advanced with regards to this that it’s being marketed as the phone that becomes your friend, for real. You can read more about that at Technology Gets Cozy: The BFF Phone That Becomes Your Friend.

Today I’d like to share with you a Samsung smartphone that is going to be introduced next week at the Consumer Communications and Networking Conference. It determines your mood based on how fast you type, how the phone is being held (the pressure on it, and if it’s shaking), which keys you press, the weather where you are (weather affects mood), etc… And, that’s not all. It will play different ringtones based on your mood and even try to cheer you up with happy cartoon images if it determines you are sad. It can also tap into your social media networks to make all this even more real. Right now, it only has a 67.5% accuracy track record, but imagine where this technology will be in a year.

You can read more about this at Technology Review. I wish I had some cool pictures of it to show you. I’m sure after it’s introduced next week, there will be pictures all over the Internet. All I can say is wow!

Smartphone Knows You Are Angry

Smartphone Knows You Are Angry

Smartphone Knows Your Emotions

Smartphone Knows Your Emotions

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