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The Secret Origin Of Global Brand Logos

The Secret Origin Of Global Brand Logos

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The origin of most things is quite clear once you start to do some research. What’s more difficult to understand sometimes is how they were thought up in the first place. Designers have a way of finding the most interesting connections that they incorporate into their creations. Logos have always been one of those bright shining inspiration sources for me, and the stuff you can derive from them by just looking at them is amazing. Some of the best logo designers out there have a pretty impressive portfolio when you start looking deeper into their work. Of course, skill has a lot to do with it, and that is something that doesn’t come overnight. You have to learn your trade so to speak.

However, what are the origins of some of the most famous brands out there, do you know? Have you ever wondered why the logos look like they do, and where the inspiration was drawn from before the logo designer started working on them? Well, of course they will have probably used a pool of resources when they come up with a cool concept, but there are usually a couple of main inspiration sources that lay the ground work for their finalized logo.

To look at it from a more laughable approach, we could draw up quite a few funny inspiration sources for some of the world’s most recognized brands. That is exactly what Guillaume Baret did. The logos get a whole new meaning when you look at them from this perspective. I can’t stop laughing at these since they are brilliantly reversed engineered, and they are spot on, or at least I think so. I am sure there are plenty of logos out there that can be humorized like this, and I think we’ll see a lot more of these in the future. I really hope so. Brilliant!

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The Secret Origin Of Logos

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Guillaume Baret

December 19th, 2014

Thank you very much :)

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