The REAL Working Lego Car

April 16, 2011 10:00 am Published by 1 Comment

Anyone who has been following Bit Rebels since the very beginning remembers my article about the Lego car that traveled the world as a life-size car made entirely out of Lego. The article “Can’t Afford A Car? Build A Lego One…” attracted a lot of views and still stands as the record article for most visited and most talked about. The main thing that people argued about was that it wasn’t drivable.

You couldn’t even look out the windows, which totally could pose as a problem. However, the build, which much have taken several thousand pieces of Lego, must have taken quite a while to put together, and that is what makes it so freaking awesome. As you might understand, there were also quite a lot of people who said it was Photoshopped and those that said it wasn’t. The fact is that it’s entirely real , but not drivable of course.

That’s what makes this find of today even cooler. It’s an ordinary drivable car that is all Legolized to perfection. The colorful build, even though it’s just the outer layer of the car, might not be as impressive as the car built entirely out of Lego (It’s a Volvo by the way), but it still ranks pretty high in my book of awesome builds. This one, snapped by a photographer named Stephen Cole (at least on Flickr), must be one of the coolest photos in the photo album.

That fact that it was parked in a grocery store parking lot in Hillsdale is even more awesome. Where would you want to go to front your car if not the grocery store? The kids running around with their parents must have been thrilled to see this thing just parked there. I say this because that’s exactly how the photographer’s son was when he first saw it. As a matter of fact, he’s continuously asking about it every time they go grocery shopping together. If that’s not giving, I don’t know what is. I love stories like this.

Real Car Legolized To Perfection

Real Car Legolized To Perfection

Real Car Legolized To Perfection

Real Car Legolized To Perfection

Real Car Legolized To Perfection


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  • technozene says:

    thats fake, its just a corola covered with lego pieces. you can see it when you look at the head lights( the third picture) its just covered

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