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The Man Who Got Green Hulk Skin (Kids, Don’t Try This At Home)

The Man Who Got Green Hulk Skin (Kids, Don’t Try This At Home)

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I’ve seen this story making the rounds on lots of blogs over the past few days, and since I giggle every time I see it, I decided to share it with you. I don’t know which is funnier – the fact that this guy accidentally painted his skin with industrial strength green paint, or that in these pictures you can see his mother scrubbing his skin with a toilet brush.

Paulo Henrique dos Santos, a 35-year-old pool boy living in Brazil, wanted to color his skin green for an event so he would look like Hulk. Apparently he’s a frequent body painter because he has a particular kind of paint that he normally uses.

When he discovered the store where he buys his paint was out of his regular brand, he made a peculiar decision, which is how this all started. He decided to purchase industrial strength green paint which is used to color ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines (of course, he didn’t realize the strength of the paint when he bought it). Reeeeally? Dude, have you ever heard of driving to a different store?

After painting his body with it, and after the event was over, guess what happened? Yup, the paint wouldn’t come off. Paulo took 20 baths in two days with no luck. As a last resort, he let his friends and family scrub him for 24 hours, and it finally came off. Dang, I’m no paint expert, but that probably doesn’t mean the paint came off his skin, but more likely that they scrubbed his green skin off, right? Eeewww… that sounds painful. I bet it was fun to have green skin for a few days though. At least he got famous on the Internet over the whole ordeal. I hope your mom got over it by now. She looks annoyed in that picture. #justsayin






Via: [Oddity Central] [Mirror]

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