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The Mac Apple Studio Display Cat Bed Mod

The Mac Apple Studio Display Cat Bed Mod

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

As humanity moved inside into caves, huts, and later houses and apartments, so did the animals that we held dear and sometimes earned our living from. We even moved animals that were born to be outside into our own humble homes to give them a warmer place to stay. Of course, it is easy to feel sorry for a cow or a horse that has to stand out in the rain, no doubt about it. But when it comes to making our pets feel comfortable, there seems to be no end to what we’ll do. We give them small houses to live in, better food to eat, and sometimes they even get to push us off the bed in order to lay there themselves. Have we taken things a little bit too far? I guess not.

One thing I like is when we take what we used to hold dear and instead of throwing it away, we recycle it to give it a second use. It’s always good to preserve the environment, and whatever we can recycle is all good with me. This following thing is particularly awesome. It’s actually a Mac Apple Studio Display that has been gutted and turned into an insanely comfortable looking cat bed. It’s a bed that every human would probably like to have in a larger scale for themselves.

It comes from the cat loving people over at AttomicAddic who I have written about before in my article about upcycled stuff that became cat beds. This particular one is new and is for sale at $129. It’s a pretty nice price for something so awesome. Not to mention, you’ll be able to push your cat into the 20th century without having to bribe it with some cat candy or whatever you have around. As always when it comes to Etsy, it’s first come first served. So, if you want this badboy for your cat, I suggest you hurry that bottom of yours over there and slam your order right up that bunker.






Via: [Chip Chick]

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