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The Keep It Cool Cap Delivers A Cold Breeze

The Keep It Cool Cap Delivers A Cold Breeze

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There are many ways to cool down on a hot summer day, but finding the one that takes the least amount of energy yet is the most effective can be quite an endeavor. Drinking cold water, jumping into a lake or even just walking in the shadows can bring you some comfort when the heat is overwhelming, but all those require you to do something, which we all know is something that you really don’t want to do when you are hot, sweaty and in dire need of a cool down. It’s funny how as soon as we are cold, we dream away to some furiously hot place, and when we are faced with the unbearable heat, we dream away to the colder days of winter.

Those days of being sweaty and hot could be over before you know it, at least if you ask the Japanese manufacturers of the Solar Powered Cap. It’s an invention for hardcore geeks who just want a cool breeze in their face to cool them down. As you can see, the cap is equipped with a propeller that is powered by some solar cells located on top of the cap. The fan is strategically pivoted in order to blow the air straight into your face.

It’s one of those odd products that totally doesn’t make you cool, yet it totally makes sense. I keep wondering if the draft is good for the eyes, or if you will end up with really itchy eyes and maybe even a bug or two blown into them. Of course, we have to try it before we can assess its usefulness. The concept as a whole should appeal to any hardcore gadget geek though. I am sure it will bring you a lot of attention since I am sure it has not yet become mainstream summer wear. Geek it out and get a breeze for just around $15.





Via: [OhGizmo!]

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