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The Geek Way To Keep Your Hands Toasty Warm

The Geek Way To Keep Your Hands Toasty Warm

6 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I don’t know about you, but my hands have basically been cold nonstop for four months. I’ve been freezing my butt (and hands) off this season, and I’ve never before written so many articles about snow and cold weather.

I have a space heater running continuously underneath my desk. It has truly been a lifesaver and kept my legs cozy while I work. One of my Twitter followers told me I might burn my house down with it, gee thanks buddy. However, what about our hands? Have your hands been cold like mine?

Geeks use their hands and fingers a lot during the day. Whether we are typing on our smartphone or our computer, we need our fingers exposed. The only way to wear gloves would be to cut off the fingers, which I know some geeks do.  Today I found a product which could be the solution to this chilly problem.

This Hand Mouse Warmer is a warm little fleece that acts as a toasty blanket for your mouse pad, your mouse and most importantly, your hand. It’s a cute little geeky accessory that doesn’t require any electricity, so there are no annoying cords to deal with. You can buy one on Amazon for $20 bucks. What a fun fashion accessory to complement your Geek Snuggie.

Geek Way To Warm Hands

Geek Way To Warm Hands

Geek Way To Warm Hands

Geek Way To Warm Hands

Via: [IT Professionals] [Book of Joe] Header Image Credit: [Tassh / Shutterstock]

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