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The Elastic Alphabet: Rubber Band Typography

The Elastic Alphabet: Rubber Band Typography

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

It’s easy to see why so many people like typography in all its shapes and forms. There is a correct definition for typography that is quite specific, but there seems to be a multitude of opinions about that. Typography to many people is just text plotted out in various forms, shapes and constellations. Some say typography is something entirely different, and it has happened on many occasions that we have posted something here on Bit Rebels and said it was typography, and someone has commented upon it. However, to the majority of people, I guess typography will always be a mix of things so I am definitely fine with that.

So what is typography, and who creates it? Well, anyone can create it, and if you’re good or if you come up with a unique idea, you could potentially get your idea to go viral. That’s exactly what Jenny Kyvik Hutchens did. She created a typography alphabet for her school project. But it ain’t just any ole typography project because it’s quite unique. It’s one of those odd things that just makes sense, a lot of sense.

She used rubber bands to create all the letters in the alphabet. By using nails attached to a board, she brilliantly managed to create the shapes and forms for a whole new font if you will. The finished result is really inspiring to look at, and it must have taken quite some time to figure out all the positions for the nails and where the rubber bands must go to form exactly the letter she wanted. It’s a brilliant example of what pure creativity can result in, and I am as blown away by this as you probably are. Pure creativity at its best!

Rubber Band Typography Design Project

Rubber Band Typography Design Project

Rubber Band Typography Design Project

Rubber Band Typography Design Project

Rubber Band Typography Design Project

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