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The Cassette Tape Chair Makes Your Life Even More Retro

The Cassette Tape Chair Makes Your Life Even More Retro

6 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Trying to count how many times I have wanted to retrofy my life wouldn’t even be possible. It happens every day, and I never dare pass up an opportunity to feel the cool of the past yet another time. In my own humble opinion, I think people in general don’t embrace the past enough to justify the future. I mean, why would we discard the “Freestyle” (Walkman) cassette player just to bring in the new? Of course, anything that is better in quality and sound is an improvement, but the past got us here and we should have it stick around. Who knows what ideas it will let us break into? After all, it has gotten us this far. The point might seem far fetched, but if you think about it, it somewhat makes sense don’t you think?

The cassette tape chair is a brilliant example of how you can retrofy your life in the simplest of ways just by using your old cassettes, a chair and your Freestyle. Take an old chair, slap some cassettes onto it and attach the Freestyle to the side along with the cool retro headphones, and you’re all set to go back to the past in style. It’s available for just 140 Euros if anyone is interested. Just go check out the shop over at ooomydesign.

The chair; however, doesn’t come across as being very comfortable though. Sitting on old cassettes doesn’t really sound appealing to me even, although it will most certainly make sense if you’re a geek. A concern is not to use the old classics that you know might bring in top dollar when cassettes finally become extinct enough to be museum art or showcase items. If compared, a vinyl “Thriller” album can easily bring in over $250 if not more. So you’re doing good in holding onto your retro gadgets, and do so in the best possible way. Clean them, polish them and keep them safe. The day will come when you will stand triumphant with a wad of cash in your hands for something that you bought for less than a percent of what you’ll be holding in your hand at that moment. #JustAThought

Retro Cassette Chair Design Concept

Retro Cassette Chair Design Concept

Retro Cassette Chair Design Concept

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