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Super Mario X-Men Mashup Is As Awesome As It Sounds

Super Mario X-Men Mashup Is As Awesome As It Sounds

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

We love mashups here at Bit Rebels. They might come across as weird and out of context sometimes, but we don’t really care. Anything that has to do with creativity and a different perspective we’re all over. It just has to be seen because of the fact that it’s different. We can’t go on idolizing the same thing over and over again. The iPhone is more than enough for people to godolize. We have to understand the importance of evolution both on the inside and the outside of the originally conceived concepts. The more we experiment, the more likely it is that we’ll evolve our creativity, which in turn will lead to a lot of new… well, fun stuff!

These new Super Mario X-Men mashup posters are some of the best and most creative Super Mario oddities I have seen in quite a while. I know I am saying that a lot; however, there seems to be no shortage of what people are capable of imagining. DeviantART user basicnoir has some serious talent, and these posters are just oozing in creativity. First mentioned on the TechEBlog, these images are quickly going viral and we of course had to publish them as well.

I think Super Mario just gets better and better with time. Maybe it’s time for the developers to update his image a little bit, and give him some new super powers so to speak. Why not make an android game with the legendary plumber? That would be something, wouldn’t it? Sure, it’s always cool to get the retro back into your life, but seriously, retro is only retro if it is old, and we want a refreshed Super Mario to kick some serious robo butt. I’d be down for a few runs if I had a heat seeking bazooka on my Italian plumber hero. Bring it on!

Super Mario X-Men Mashup Posters

Super Mario X-Men Mashup Posters

Super Mario X-Men Mashup Posters

Super Mario X-Men Mashup Posters

Via: [Walyou]

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