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Super Mario Fans: Geeky Wii Video Game Charm Bracelet

Super Mario Fans: Geeky Wii Video Game Charm Bracelet

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I don’t know what’s going on lately, but it seems like geeky jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Each week we feature items from Etsy and other similar sites, and the designs are getting better and more creative each time. This bracelet is one of my favorite ones I’ve seen so far.

This is a one-of-a-kind Wii video game charm bracelet. If you look closely, you’ll see all your favorite Wii video game stuff on here. There are 15 charms in all, and each one is handmade. In the pictures, you can see a Wii remote, a nunchuk, tons of games, the steering wheel, the stars, the mushroom, a Donkey Kong barrel and much more.

This was made by Etsy member sweettreatsjewelry (Rebecca). According to her profile, she’s been making jewelry for 15 years, but even with all that experience, I still don’t understand how she could get the detail on some of these charms so perfect. If you zoom in on the images on Etsy, you’ll see that the games look exactly like the real games. She didn’t miss anything. If you browse through her store, you’ll see that she creates lots of little miniatures, and each one is as impressive as the next.

This bracelet costs about 75 dollars, and if you go there soon, you might be able to grab it for yourself. My son plays Wii everyday so I’m inundated with these things in my house constantly. I even find myself humming the Wii music in my head when it’s quiet in the room. I know, it’s sick. If I wasn’t already at my Wii limit in my life, I would snag this badboy for myself. You can learn more about this bracelet here.

Super Mario Luigi Etsy Jewelry

Super Mario Luigi Etsy Jewelry

Super Mario Luigi Etsy Jewelry

Super Mario Luigi Etsy Jewelry

Super Mario Luigi Etsy Jewelry

Via: [So Geek Chic]

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