Star Wars Yoga: The Illustrated Edition

March 2, 2012 4:00 pm Published by 22 Comments

Yeah, let’s talk a little bit about yoga. First off, I have never tried it in my life. Maybe I should, but it looks like you need to have practiced it a while to even dare enter one of these classes. I might be wrong, but that’s my impression of it. I have no doubt it must be really good for your body and soul, so maybe I’ll have a stab at it at some point. Diana wrote a fine article about Star Wars Yoga a while ago, but this is slightly different. That article featured images of a real person showing off some yoga moves a’la Star Wars. This one is a little bit more illustrated, if I can put it that way.

When I think about it, if Darth Vader can do it so could I or anyone else, right? I mean, that dude is bruised and battered beyond recognition and still he manages to bust these moves like a pro. I definitely need to read up on this form of exercise and mind-soothing example of body art. These illustrations are masterfully done by Rob Osborne, who I am sure is a huge Star Wars fan.

Wouldn’t it be funny if suddenly everyone who goes to your yoga classes started showing up dressed as Star Wars characters? I mean, that would shoot a laugh and giggle through the day like nothing else. I can’t help but feel a little sorry for R2-D2 however. That guy has to feel so out of place in one of these classes. That little thing is quite limited to what yoga positions he can bust out. Well, at least something good might come out of all this, maybe they could all just be friends once and for all. But wait! That would mean the end of all good things called Star Wars, wouldn’t it? I take that back! Oh, and of course you can purchase these fine yoga posters over at Rob Osborne’s Etsy page.








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  • Kestrel says:

    You absolutely do not have to have done any yoga, let alone practiced for a great deal of time, to go to a class! Everyone starts somewhere, and there’s yoga for everyone. My yoga students may be greatly encouraged to dress as Star Wars characters, and classes end with “Live Long and Prosper” rather than “Namaste.”

  • Jessie Rae says:

    First time I did yoga was in a class and had no previous experience. I love it now and find myself in yoga poses throughout the week on accident because they feel so great!

  • No no no no ….know this, these are NOT the postures you want to start with….and in the WEST this is EXACTLY the WRONG way to approach yoga. Yoga is not about attaining a particular posture, its about what fits YOUR body…….this is why people get injured from forcing their bodies into postures they dont need in the beginning. Find a teacher who can guide you into the practice that works for you…..NEVER worry that because you cant be flexible that you cant do it properly as there is NO PROPERLY…….as a yoga therapist thats my view…for me

  • Megs says:

    Dude, leia is CHEATING and clearly doing her poses in an anti-gravity field, cause I have yet to meet a boob that doesn’t at least shift a little when you go upside down…

  • MWT says:

    Revolved lunge is revolved the wrong way … otherwise, great chart!

    Yoga really is for everyone, no matter what shape you’re in when you start. I was ordered to start by a chiropractor after spending 15 years being almost completely sedentary in front of computers, and now 6 years later I’m not stopping. :)

  • Heather says:

    Everyone else gets pants – even Vader; who wears robes. But the lone female? (who has multiple outfit options that would allow her to be clothed and true to character) gets almost naked.

    Rob Osborne; you’re bumming me out.

    • Sara says:

      I thought the same thing, Heather! Instead of showing badass, Han rescuing Leia, we get her as a slave.

  • Whitney says:

    The robots are naked for Pete’s sake! Don’t turn this hilarious chart into a women’s equality thing… Maybe that is her Yoga outfit!

  • Krislyn says:

    I’d like to reiterate that nope no need to know a thing about yoga before entering a class. Take a deep breath then take a leap of faith and step into that class! Talk to the teacher before or after class. Let the breath be with you!

  • david says:

    You guys are too funny! The comments are even better than the posters! :-)

  • Cyndi says:

    Nicc comment Meg’s! Maybe Princess Leia has implants?!

  • Ichabod says:

    Megs: Metal Bra.

    Heather: Vader took off his cape…

    But yeah, Star Wars was never the most progressive franchise (fails the Bechdel test miserably), so you’re probably asking too much, especially of the Star Wars fans, not to include Slave-Leia in a yoga poster.

  • Becca says:

    If you put these on a poster, you could sell the heck out of them. Just sayin’.

  • Camille says:

    Great chart, would make wonderful posters too!

    If you’d like to practice yoga, PLEASE don’t start by your own. I started 4 years ago, alone in my living room, and I could have seriously hurt myself because no teacher could help me do the poses the right way. I started taking yoga courses for small fees at my university last year and I progressed really fast!
    Anyway, great work!

  • Melissa says:

    Great work but why is the only woman mostly naked? … Would have been much cooler to put Leia in her iconic white dress.

  • Lisa says:

    I’d like to have a poster of this for my studio. Just the images with titles. Possible?

  • Jenny says:

    You people are too funny! Enjoy the poster for what it is and learn to laugh a little! I didn’t take any offense from it and I’m a woman. Besides, I would be waay more comfortable in that outfit than a bunch of bundled up robes just sayin’

  • Rin says:


  • Ducler (Brazil) says:

    Congrats, very funny! I respect the advising comments, but the coolest thing is just to look at these pics ever dressed as Star Wars characters. There are thousands of books with Yoga’s pics, but nobody get hurt just for it. These posters encourage anyone to practice, or even search for a Yoda master, oops, I mean, Yoga master ;-)

  • Swami says:

    I would buy a poster for my yoga instructor.

  • Rod says:

    Very cool!
    Btw “live long and prosper” is from Star Trek. Try “may the force be with you”. Gotta say I’d be more comfortable saying that than “namaste” anyway, since I’m not Indian.

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