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Raise ‘Em Right: Clever Star Wars T-Shirts Designed Just For Kiddies

Raise ‘Em Right: Clever Star Wars T-Shirts Designed Just For Kiddies

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

These Star Wars t-shirts would be perfect for your little Jedi. If you are a Star Wars geek, one of the most memorable gifts you can give your children is an appreciation for the Star Wars movies we all love. A lot has happened in the past few days, which pretty much cements an entire new generation of Star Wars fans. A few days ago, announced that Oscar-winning screenwriter Michael Arndt will be the one who writes Star Wars: Episode VII.

Just the day before that, also posted Part 2 of the George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy video (here on YouTube) where we learned that George Lucas will still remain as Creative Director and have his paws all over that script. This is great news for a lot of fans since it will only add value to our favorite geeky movie series.

We all want to give our kids a head start on the important things in life, right? These things include reading, writing, math and of course a healthy dose of Star Wars. Now you can be sure you are raising them right by getting them each one of these Star Wars t-shirts that were especially designed for the kiddies in your life. These special pint-sized Star Wars t-shirts were designed by Teapot Tees. You can buy them over on the website for about $26 – $28 each.

If you are hunting some uniquely geeky Star Wars t-shirts for adults, and if you don’t want to spend a bunch of time sifting through all the cheesy ones out there, you can check out the photos on our Bit Rebels Facebook page where we regularly post the best of the best when it comes to Star Wars t-shirts (and links where you can get them). In the meantime, think about treating your little tike to one of these beauties. I’m sure if your little Jedi was old enough to talk, he or she would thank you.

Star Wars T-Shirts For The Kiddies







Via: [thaeger] [The Mary Sue 1] [The Mary Sue 2]

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