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Star Wars Mini Character Candy Bowl Holders At Your Service

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There are moments in life when you just can’t live without candy. Going to the movies without a proper bag of candy, or any kind of snack for that matter, is absolutely against what reason is all about. But when you are at home, you probably just put your candy in cabinet somewhere and snatch one or two pieces of it every once in a while. If you like to share, you probably put it in a bowl for everyone to enjoy. You have to admit that more than often, that is a bit lame. If you are a big Star Wars fan, you should be able to come up with something just a little bit more epic, don’t you agree? Well, have a look at these Star Wars mini characters candy bowl holders. They’re totally the grand way to be generous.

In a way, these are kind of creepy items. I mean, look at it this way, you are practically offering candy for people to come over to the dark side (if you use the Darth Vader one that is). I would definitely say that if you manage to fool people enough that they take candy from the Star Wars mini Darth Vader bowl holder, you have achieved what this Star Wars mini Darth Vader is all about. These are all totally geeky items for sure, but still it’s one of those mysterious ideas that you can’t seem to stop wondering where the inspiration came from.

Never before has Darth Vader been so generous as now, so one might start wondering what hidden agenda he has for you if you go ahead and take one. Either way, treat your friends to a snack with these Star Wars mini candy bowl holders from Amazon. These are the kind of things that will totally seem out of place in your house, but still make a geeky impact about how awesome you are for daring to be different. There will be plenty of things to talk about if you house these Star Wars mini candy bowl holders in your house, I can definitely promise you that.

Darth Vader – Star Wars Mini Candy Bowl Holder


Boba Fett – Star Wars Mini Candy Bowl Holder


Yoda – Star Wars Mini Candy Bowl Holder


Darth Maul – Star Wars Mini Candy Bowl Holder


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