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DIY Star Wars Lightsaber Party Invitations

DIY Star Wars Lightsaber Party Invitations

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

One of the best parts of writing here at Bit Rebels is that we never have to grow up. We get to write about Star Wars, LEGO, and the superheroes and video games we grew up with, and it just never ends. I don’t think of those things as being associated with kids, or maybe we’re just all a bunch of big kids. These DIY Star Wars lightsaber party invitations are a perfect example. These pictures make them look like they’re for kids, but I’d make them for an adult party too. I mean, why not? They’re fabulous!

Last summer I wrote about some DIY Star Wars Lightsabers Made From Pool Noodles, and these remind me a little bit of those except for these, you don’t use pool noodles. For this tutorial, you’ll use some cardstock paper, a bunch of paper towel rolls, some buttons, some duct tape and paint. Instructables member LittleGrace made these for her 9-year-old son, and you can see her full tutorial at Star Wars Lightsaber Party Invitations.

If you are a true Star Wars lightsaber fan, you might want to pay attention to the color of the lightsaber you give each person, including yourself. Choosing a lightsaber color can be a very personal, reflective decision. As you know Yoda is green, Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan are blue, and Vader and Darth Maul are red. Typically Jedi are green or blue and Sith are red, but since there was never any explanation about the lightsaber colors in the movies, all we know about them has been created by the external universe.

My favorite Star Wars lightsaber has always been Mace Windu’s purple one. I’m sure everyone knows the story about how purple is Samuel L. Jackson’s favorite color, and in a lot of his movies, he requests that his character use something that has purple in it. He requested that his lightsaber be purple, and of course, with that decision history was made. If you want to make some of these badass little DIY Star Wars lightsaber party invitations, save a bunch of paper towel rolls and click over to Grace’s tutorial. Have fun!

Star Wars Lightsaber Party Invitations

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