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Star Wars Fans: Get Your Own Knitted R2-D2 Sweater

Star Wars Fans: Get Your Own Knitted R2-D2 Sweater

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

A couple days ago I wrote about an epic college prank that turned an observatory into a giant R2-D2. I received a lot of attention on Facebook about it, and it’s apparent that you guys either like R2-D2 or pranks in general. Well, I tend to think it’s the latter of the two. However, it has not escaped us that you guys, our readers, really love pretty much everything about Star Wars. It doesn’t matter whether it is Star Was Vegetable Carvings or the latest and greatest Star Wars Car Wash. I’ve been looking through some really cool stuff all about Star Wars, and there was one thing that I decided I really had to show you.

If you have ever wanted to own the most badass sweater, and I guess we’re all saying YES right now, it would have to be this R2-D2 sweater. Sweaters just don’t come any more geeky than this one. I’d totally wear this thing on a Sunday evening if it was minus a hundred degrees in California. Yeah, that’s right… you read it right. I just love the creativity and the geekiness put into this awesome sweater.

I mean, this thing is baller in every single way possible. The price tag is a little steep however, at $450, so I take it that they are made one at a time or maybe it could be a one-off. If it is, then this thing is taken to a whole new level. It will definitely become one of those collector’s items once it’s sold, I am sure of it. Would you be man enough to put this piece of geek awesomeness on and go to work? I mean, it’s just awesome isn’t it? Created by Etsy user EricaKnit.

Geeky Knitted R2-D2 Sweater Design

Geeky Knitted R2-D2 Sweater Design

Geeky Knitted R2-D2 Sweater Design

Geeky Knitted R2-D2 Sweater Design

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