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Star Wars Dog Collar: Let Your Pooch Pimp It Out In Geek Style

Star Wars Dog Collar: Let Your Pooch Pimp It Out In Geek Style

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Our pets are such an important part of our lives, and if your pet happens to be a dog, you may notice that he or she might even start to look like you. It’s true! There are real studies that provide real data which shows that our dogs are a reflection of our own personalities. In one of these studies, a room full of people was shown pictures of dogs and owners, and the majority of the time; they were able to correctly match the dog with the owner based on looks alone. I wrote about this a couple years ago. So, based on that logic, there is also a chance that your dog is a Star Wars fan just like you, and if that’s the case, this Star Wars dog collar might be just what he or she needs to express his canine geek style.

The real question is, do our dogs develop into being like us and liking the same things as us, or do we seek out a dog that is like us when we are choosing our dog in the first place? That is a question I don’t have the answer to. However, one thing I do know is that my dog would look great in this dog collar.

Some people go all out and make cosplay costumes not only for themselves, but also for their dogs. You can read about that in an article Richard wrote about called Creative Dog Costumes: When Cosplay Isn’t Just For Humans. If your style is more subtle and if you would like to be a tad bit more low-key than that, this Star Wars dog collar might be perfect for your pooch. Since you love Star Wars, you know your dog probably does too, so why not let him get in on the Jedi love canine style? These Star Wars dog collars are made to order by Etsy user Teal. She is studying veterinary technology and wildlife rehabilitation, and she makes these collars in her spare time. You can check out this collar along with many others in her Etsy store at Bonzai Gifts. This sells for $16.

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