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Star Wars Cosplay Steampunk Costumes Will Leave You Baffled

Star Wars Cosplay Steampunk Costumes Will Leave You Baffled

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I must be a true sucker for everything that has to do with science fiction cause I keep stumbling over these doggone awesome things over and over again. Star Wars of course seems to be the overall focal point for creative geeks, and I sometimes wonder which has the largest following, Star Wars or Star Trek? Anyone have a good estimate to what the numbers are? If not, maybe perhaps in percentage of science fiction fans in general?

While Star Wars stuff is fairly easy to find, it tends to build upon ideas that already were. Star Trek; however, usually has a whole new concept for whatever reason. Maybe the Star Trek geeks have a more elaborate imagination and creativity. Oops, I think I might stir up some rivalry with that one. To ease the minds of Star Wars fans, I have found something that you all will definitely like, so hold onto your paper Darth Vader helmets.

The Star Wars cosplay steampunk costumes are nothing less than amazing. If you are a frequent visitor to Bit Rebels, you might remember me writing about the Star Wars steampunk figurines a couple of times. The latest article was merely a couple of weeks ago. This one; however, takes that whole concept to another level. I have brought up the cosplay culture a couple of times before with the Metroid cosplay costume being the climax, but these ones might even bump that one down to second place.

Photographer and cosplay megafan PhilipNG knows when to click that shutter on his camera. The pictures that he’s been able to capture are of some of the most creative and genius steampunk cosplay costumes I have ever seen. It seems that Star Wars fans never run out of ways to create a new layer to the legendary movie series. I am sure that after this whole steampunk era (which is apparently the trend right now) is over, we’ll see some other era related cosplay designs. The usual next step has proven to be that a set of figurines becomes viral which sparks the interest of cosplay costume designers. So what will we see next? Do you dare to speculate?

Star Wars Cosplay Steampunk Costumes

Star Wars Cosplay Steampunk Costumes

Star Wars Cosplay Steampunk Costumes

Star Wars Cosplay Steampunk Costumes

Via: [Walyou]

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