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DIY LEGO Star Wars Clock With Interchangeable Minifigs

DIY LEGO Star Wars Clock With Interchangeable Minifigs

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I know what you are probably thinking. You took one look at this very creative LEGO Star Wars clock and you thought, “Oh, I could never make that.” Well, the one pictured in these photos below was made by a 4-year-old, so we should be able to do it too! I admit that there are many little tikes about that age who are more artistic than me (and maybe you), but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying, right? We just have to dig out that box of Star Wars LEGO minifigs from the attic and harness the force.

This Star Wars clock is another great DIY project that comes to us from Instructables. It was created by the blogger from YOUgNeek, and it looks relatively simple to make. The recipe calls for 12 Star Wars LEGO minifigs, but you could really use any minifigs you like for this design. If I were to make this, I would definitely stick with the Star Wars theme though. You can use a pre-made wood clock face or you can make your own from clay. You just want to be sure it’s at least 12 inches in diameter. You can see the clock below cracked (it was made over a year ago), but it was lovingly repaired and still works perfectly.

The best little feature of this Star Wars clock is that the LEGO minifigs are interchangeable, so you can swap them out whenever the mood strikes you. You could even put holiday, happy birthday or other minifigs in there to celebrate special times of the year. To get the full tutorial, just click over to My Son’s Interchangeable LEGO Star Wars Clock. I can tell that the pictures posted for this are very sentimental, and this could be a special project for any family of Star Wars fans.

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Via: [Geek Crafts]

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