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Hilarious Star Wars Characters & Real-Life People Mashups

Hilarious Star Wars Characters & Real-Life People Mashups

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

What character would you be if you were in the Star Wars universe? I think there is actually an infographic or a flowchart about that isn’t there? Well, when it comes to Star Wars there is a lot of creativity floating around on the Internet, and you can be sure that no matter what you are looking for there is always going to be a Star Wars version of it. Like these hilarious Star Wars characters and real-life people mashups for example.

It is thanks to artists like Michael Leavitt that we can enjoy these Star Wars characters and see them become people that we hear about in the news pretty much on a daily basis. Mashups are always cool, and this one is particularly awesome as I don’t think we have seen this kind of creativity before. I am sure any Star Wars fan has at some point imagined themselves being in Star Wars, perhaps even picked one of the Star Wars characters they would like to be, so this should tickle your imagination even more.

Well, these mashups figurines are a whole lot different than the ones we are used to seeing on the silver screen. They have a more life-like edge to them because they are molded by using famous people and mashing them up with Star Wars characters.

Every single one of these carefully sculpted figurines are one-of-a-kind wooden sculptures that are currently on display at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City. If you have the chance you should definitely take a gander at these, and marvel over their quirky nature and awesome craftsmanship. I always find it amusing and interesting to try and delve into how artists come up with these things. It makes you think, and through it you always come up with the most unlikely things. I am sure that many other famous people would make good Star Wars characters as well, but this batch is all about humor. Question of course is if you are able to name them all? It shouldn’t be too hard, although a couple might be a little tricky. Who will manage to name them all first?

Michael Leavitt’s Star Wars Characters & People Mashups

Star Wars Characters Mashup

Star Wars Characters Mashup

Star Wars Characters Mashup

Star Wars Characters Mashup

Star Wars Characters Mashup

Star Wars Characters Mashup

Star Wars Characters Mashup

Star Wars Characters Mashup

Via: [Nerd Approved] [Nerdcore] [albotas]

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One Comment

brian k.

January 7th, 2014

who’s the wookiee? and who’s the hutt?


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