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Smart Jeans Bring The Ultimate In Comfort And Functionality

Smart Jeans Bring The Ultimate In Comfort And Functionality

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

As early adopters of cutting edge technology and geeks living and breathing our lifestyle, we all know comfort requires a combination of stretch and functionality. Too many times have we bought clothes that turn out to be either too rigid and stale or too loose, which makes them a sure way to drop whatever technology you’re carrying. Finally, someone has solved the problem and the solution are brought to us in the form of a pair of Smart Jeans.

These Smart Jeans are brought to us by Robb & Hugo of New York and are destined to become the next cutting edge fashion trend among people that truly value comfort, which should be pretty much everyone. I personally think that it’s fascinating that a pair of jeans can look so much like ordinary jeans while still feeling like a pair of sweats when you are wearing them. If anything, that alone is a testament to the work and dedication that the fashion designers have put into bringing these Smart Jeans to the market.

We here at Bit Rebels are always dedicated to bringing you the very latest and cutting edge in what we think could benefit our readers and the communities that you make up, and this is definitely one of those things. We love bringing you startup projects and ideas and these Smart Jeans are exactly that and they need your help to make sure their product is brought to the market the right way.

Robb & Hugo is currently running a crowd funding campaign over at Kickstarter and they are looking to raise a mere $15,000 in order to give these Smart Jeans the start they deserve. With 16 days to go they have managed to raise a little short of $3,500.00, but with your help they can definitely make it all the way while making sure you as pledgers will always have a pair of outstandingly comfortable and functional pants to wear.

As with everything these days, marketing and promotion is everything and getting the word out there is the one most important thing when it comes to making your product a success. So, if you’re not a signed up pledger over at Kickstarter you can still make a difference by spreading the word about these Smart Jeans by helping to retweet, share and like this post or their Kickstarter campaign page. Fact is if Robb & Hugo manages to raise their goal amount you will never again have to wear those uncomfortable jeans you so often complain about. Now that is innovation, wouldn’t you say?

Smart Jeans – The Ultimate In Comfort & Functionality

Smart Jeans Comfort Innovation

Smart Jeans Comfort Innovation

Smart Jeans Comfort Innovation

Smart Jeans Comfort Innovation

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