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Skevader: When Darth Vader Becomes Skeletor

Skevader: When Darth Vader Becomes Skeletor

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

What do Star Wars and He-Man have in common? Well, absolutely nothing other than the characters in both of them wear semi-ridiculous clothes and some of them have super powers. That’s pretty much where it ends I reckon. I cannot be the first one to notice that some of the costume designs in both Star Wars and He-Man are quite awkward and have roots in weird places. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all very well done. You can really see this when you watch the behind-the-scenes footage for how they made the Stormtrooper Helmets and whatnot. It’s an intricate art form, and the movies still hold their ground.

So, since none of these costume designs really make us feel any different towards the two franchises, perhaps this Skevader bust is perfectly normal as well. The deviantART designer Ryan Renders put both of them together into a pretty amazing mashup creation. This little bust actually plays a mind game on you if you open your brain to it. If you allow your mind to just take in what details are all about Darth Vader, that is what you will see. And, if you do the same for Skeletor, then that is what you will see.

The mind works in such mysterious ways sometimes, doesn’t it? It’s a pretty neat artwork if you ask me. It plants a seed that they are quite similar in design. Of course, I am not talking about the characters Darth Vader and Skeletor. I am eager to see what Ryan will do next now that he has introduced his awesome art to the masses by going viral with this bust sculpture. Will we perhaps see a mashup between Hello Kitty and Batman? That would be an epic mashup if anything.

Skevader Mashup Design Art Bust

Skevader Mashup Design Art Bust

Skevader Mashup Design Art Bust

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