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Simpsons Parodies: Famous Games Get A Makeover

Simpsons Parodies: Famous Games Get A Makeover

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

To say that The Simpsons is not one of the most successful cartoon shows on the telly would be quite untruthful. The series has gone on forever it seems, and the jokes are sometimes nasty and evil. However, there is always a sense morale in the way that they tell their stories, at least sometimes. I recently wrote an article about a Simpsons Alphabet which came with a pretty awesome header image. It portrayed all the characters that have been presented in The Simpsons, and there were a lot of them.

It’s pretty cool to think that the authors of that show have created a vibrant and lively city with different characters that each have their own story. I wonder if they have some kind of board at their office where they keep all the information about each character so they don’t mess anything up as they are create new episodes.

There is a culture out there that loves playing around with famous characters and mashing them up with other successful products, movies and series. What comes out isn’t always apparent at first, but sometimes we get to see a glimpse of small genius thoughts, and that’s exactly what we saw when the parody project by illustrator Joe Spiotto hit us. The funny images tell of products that are much different from their successful originals; however, no one knows if they would have actually been more successful.

This should come as a complete comedy shock for you even if you’re just a Simpsons fan. However, for the fans of Sims, Wolfenstein and all the other concepts, there is a slight chance that you will be offended, but only slightly. The way these posters are created and the way they completely incorporate the Simpsons awesome cartoons are beyond funny. I am awaiting the next batch from Joe to liven up yet another day with laughs and smiles.

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Simpsons Parody Concept Character Posters

Simpsons Parody Concept Character Posters

Simpsons Parody Concept Character Posters

Simpsons Parody Concept Character Posters

Simpsons Parody Concept Character Posters

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