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The 7th Grade Science Project That Put Hello Kitty In Space

The 7th Grade Science Project That Put Hello Kitty In Space

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Hello Kitty is everywhere these days, and now she can add space to her list of travel destinations. This is all thanks to a 7th grader who put Hello Kitty in space for her class science project. The video of her and her Hello Kitty stuffed animal have gone viral, and I sure hope her teacher gave her an “A” for her efforts. After being inspired by a commercial she saw on television, she got to work on creating Hello Kitty’s spaceship.

If you are wondering how far this kitty traveled, she was able to calculate that the ship traveled 45.7 miles and reached an altitude of 93,625 feet (about 17 miles above the earth). That definitely qualifies as Hello Kitty in space. This brilliant 13-year-old, named Lauren Rojas, based her science project on a hypothesis about the effects of altitude on air pressure and air temperature.

To get her Hello Kitty in space, she used a 6-foot weather balloon with a silver rocket (made from a styrofoam cooler) attached to it. She made sure to put cameras, a GPS device and a flight computer (which she wrapped in hand warmers to keep warm) inside the rocket along with her Hello Kitty stuffed animal. She filled the balloon itself with hydrogen. She would have used helium, but she couldn’t find any.

You’ll see a pink ribbon on the front of the rocket, and Lauren put that there to honor her family members who have survived breast cancer. If you are looking for a cool science project, and if you want to learn more about the geeky details for this one, just click over to either one of the source articles below which have more specific information about how Lauren was able to make this all work so well. Congratulations Lauren!

The 7th Grade Science Project That Put Hello Kitty In Space




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February 19th, 2013

That is freakin AMAZING! Totally gonna share w/ me teen daughter.


May 18th, 2013

We need more of this!!!

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