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Rock Concert Audience Hand Gesture Evolution

Rock Concert Audience Hand Gesture Evolution

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Everything goes through a transformation. It doesn’t matter if it is a diamond or some new product from Apple. Whatever it is, it goes through a constant change, and that is just how the world works. It’s called evolution, and it is a powerful tool that both nature and humans have at their disposal to make sure we are always up to date with what we do. The evolution of the human race is probably the most impressive evolution of them all since we’ve grown from just one cell to a species that continuously tries to bend reality into our dreams. There are lighter forms of evolution as well. They are forms that we don’t always notice since they evolve over a period of time, and they are sometimes hard to identify.

Computers have gone through it and so has rock n’ roll. However, I am thinking more about the rock concert audience hand gestures as I am writing this. You know, the signs we throw up in the air to show everyone and the band that we think what they are doing is awesome. It started with the peace sign and then evolved, and what an evolution it has been. If I were to describe it with words, I wouldn’t do it much justice. It can only be shown in an image.

I found this image that clearly outlines the evolution of rock concert audience hand gestures, and it is hilarious. I have yet to discover who the author of this amazing image is. If you know who it is, please don’t hesitate to tell us so that we can make sure credit goes where it is supposed to. So I guess we’ve gone from a peace sign to holding a camera. That’s just geeky as heck, wouldn’t you say? And all this happened within a 50 year period. Imagine what technology can do to us. I wonder what our “hand gestures” will be in like 10 years from now. Any suggestions?


Via: [Awesome Galore]

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