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Retro Floppy Disk Storage Bag For The Ultimate Geek

Retro Floppy Disk Storage Bag For The Ultimate Geek

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There are probably a ton of people out there who are just like me, and they harbor those retro 3.5″ floppy disks in hopes that they will once again become the epicenter of cool. It will most likely not happen, but throwing away all the work that was saved on those disks seems like a waste that I am not ready to commit to yet. It’s a good thing there are ways to recycle these things. I mean, in some ways, that would mean destroying these disks, but at least we would get something that will keep the memory of the retro days when we used to stay up frenetically typing away on our computers alive. So what exactly should we do with those batches of retro plastic bits and pieces?

What we could do is start patching them together into a quilt and then try to make a bag out of it. That is if you are ready to make them unusable for all time (or at least most likely). Nah, if you’re not ready to do that just yet, head over to Roxanne‘s place on Etsy called the GeekkiBoutikki for some rather geeky and skillful patchwork. She calls them Floppy Disk Storage Bags, and they’re put together by zipper bands. It’s the ultimate geek bag that won’t escape anyone’s attention.

They will set you back a cheap $35 a bag, and as of right now when I am writing this there are plenty of bags left to choose from. They look quite durable and should probably fit both your computer cables as well as your never ending supply of USB drives. You might even fit a mouse and a keyboard in there as well if you are lucky. Recycling is a wonderful thing when it both saves the environment and enables you to keep feeling geeky even though the thing’s value has long since fallen into the shadows of the new and more advanced technologies. I feel like this is retrofication at its best.






Via: [Technabob]

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January 14th, 2014

Are you selling the retro floppy disk storage bag? My mom showed me and I loved it!

Richard Darell

January 15th, 2014

Unfortunately we (Bit Rebels) do not sell this awesome retro storage bag.

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