Realistic R2-D2 3D Cake Complete With Sound Module

I love the trend towards transparency that is becoming more and more apparent online. There’s evidence of it everywhere, and even here at Bit Rebels, we try to be as transparent as possible. When you can be open and accepting to all ideas and share without holding back, it really does open the door to building a real community. Some people may love you and others may hate you, but at the end of the day, if you’re still there, that’s what counts.

Being transparent doesn’t just mean being open about things that seem big and important, it more of a lifestyle and an attitude. I’ve even noticed this in things that may seem trivial to some people, like recipes that are shared online. Even just a few years ago, when we would feature a Yoda cake or a Star Trek party platter, that’s all we could do was show it to our readers for inspiration, since back then the creators of those things usually didn’t share their secrets so people could make it themselves.

These days though, that’s all changing. We are seeing more and more detailed tutorials for how to make the most fabulous edible creations! About a month ago, we wrote about a great DIY Star Wars Inspired Death Star Cake that had really detailed directions that almost anyone would be able to follow.

Today I’d like to share with you another Star Wars inspired goodie, which comes complete with printable templates for the cake board, dome, legs and body. It’s an R2-D2 cake made from 5 8-inch chocolate mud cakes and a wood and polystyrene support structure. This was created by Stacked Cakes, which is in a small town 20 kilometers outside Canberra in Australia. If you live near there, you can call them to order one of these. If not, you can watch the video below and click over to the Stacked Cakes Blog and read R2-D2 Step By Step for all the details for how to make your own! He even has a cute little sound module. Aww… Thank you, Stacked Cakes, for sharing your lovely creation with everyone.





Via: [neatorama] [boingboing]


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    Vicky zumwalt 2 years

    I would like to find the sound module, can you give me any information on this please.

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