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Real Concrete Lego Blocks Make Your Builds Realistic

Real Concrete Lego Blocks Make Your Builds Realistic

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Everyone who has spent any considerable time playing with Lego when they were young (or even as a grown up) knows that the creativity and the urge to continue building is severe. It all depends really on how many blocks you have at your disposal. If you have bucket loads, you can sure spend some time putting together an epic build, and we have seen countless examples of those here on Bit Rebels. The only real stopper in this whole thing is your imagination and the number of blocks. However, there is something missing in the world of Lego, and that is the realism. I’m referring to the true world look and feel of the blocks, and that’s something that should be addressed.

That is exactly what Etsy user Studio1015 has done. They have hand-cast real concrete Lego blocks that you can now buy for $8.50. They come in a set of 6, and I think that’s an awesome price for something that you could totally impress your friends with. They should definitely appeal to anyone who has ever wanted to build something out of Lego but has hesitated due to the lack of realism in the blocks themselves.

These are standard 2×4 building blocks, and the realism doesn’t stop with the shape of them, but carries over into their color as well. Since they are hand-cast at different times, they have different tints in color. When they are incorporated into a build, they will make a unique pattern every time. If that’s not realism, I don’t know what is. I sure would love some real concrete Lego blocks just to try them out. By the look of them, they seem like they would be a lot of fun to play with. As I have said so many times before, Lego is the solution to everything. Period!

Real Concrete Lego Building Blocks

Real Concrete Lego Building Blocks

Real Concrete Lego Building Blocks

Real Concrete Lego Building Blocks

Real Concrete Lego Building Blocks

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