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R2-D2 Popcorn Bucket & Soda Set

R2-D2 Popcorn Bucket & Soda Set

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Have you ever found yourself in front of the television trying to come up with the perfect movie evening? There’s no doubt it would include Star Wars if you are a fan of that series of movies, right? But for some people, it’s the sheer experience that is the most important. By experience, I mean everything that comes along with it like the lighting, the sound and even the way the snacks are served. Snacks are the one thing that can make a movie suck even though it doesn’t. Without snacks, a movie can become boring and weak. I mean, movies are getting longer and longer by the day it seems, and it is not uncommon for a movie to span over two and a half hours these days. Sometimes they are even longer.

So how can we possibly put some effort into the experience of watching movies? Well, there is one thing you could do to raise the bar if you are a big Star Wars fan, and that is to have a look at these two movie accessories that will have you rocking it out like a boss. It’s the R2-D2 Popcorn Bucket and Drink Stein set which will no doubt accommodate that stretch of time you are about to embark on if you set out to watch all 6 of the movies in the Star Wars saga.

It is made available by Amazon, and it is sure to bring a huge smile to anyone you invite over for the adventure. It comes at a price though so be prepared. It will deface your wallet by about $48.95, but it is sure to make memories that will last forever. It’s small stuff like this that put the awe into awesome and the yum into yumtastic. I wouldn’t mind having a set of these at home. It would be a blast to bring these out every time I sat down to watch the Star Wars series, which by the way is something I need to do. Let the inner geek be served with these awesome movie accessories, and you will definitely have a greater time enjoying the epic adventure of Star Wars.





Via: [GeekAlerts]

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