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R2-D2 Version 2.0 Has No Shortage Of LED Lights

R2-D2 Version 2.0 Has No Shortage Of LED Lights

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Now that Star Wars is a Disney brand, we have seen all kinds of funny content about it on the Internet. It just won’t stop. Countless cartoons and images have surfaced, and each one is more hilarious than the next. I am sure the Star Wars franchise will be completely intact once Disney start producing the new movies they have unofficially announced. It’s not easy to imagine what these new Star Wars movies will look like. Who will be the producer and director of them? Peter Jackson perhaps? Well, for the guy running Podpadstudios, this imaginary R2-D2 droid looks a lot different than the one we are used to. Maybe this R2-D2 version 2.0 is what we’ll see in the new Star Wars movies. Change has never been a bad thing they say.

Zoe (the guy from Podpadstudios) managed to create a working R2-D2 droid version that certainly doesn’t lack LED lights. As a matter of fact, it’s lit up like a Christmas tree, and beautifully so. The color has slightly changed as well, and it is now a sleek and ultimately futuristic blue. It’s inspiring to see R2-D2 in a whole new light, and I have to say, it’s not necessarily a bad thing either. If I had to choose one, I would totally go for this new version instead of the old white version of our beloved R2-D2. We all have to get a new look every once in a while, right?

This new R2-D2 model version 2.0 is actually called R11.E1 and has a whole lot of fictional features. One feature it doesn’t lack is of course the hologram projector. This new droid version has one as well, and once it’s turned on, it will project Leia onto whatever surface it is pointed towards. As you can see in the video below, when the lights and the projector are working together, it’s a sight for sore eyes. No wonder this thing gets so much attention when hauled around to conventions and showcases. It’s ultimately geeky and definitely a true upgrade to the old R2-D2. What do you think, is this a better fit for the new Star Wars movies or is there too much TRON over it?

Podpadstudios’ R2-D2 Version 2.0 (R11.E1)






Via: [Walyou]

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