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R2-D2 Keg Mod Tutorial Just Reinvented The Party

R2-D2 Keg Mod Tutorial Just Reinvented The Party

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Even though it’s not Friday, I thought I’d kick this day off by pushing the party mode button. What could be more geeky than throwing a party with all custom made kegs worthy of the most hardcore geeks? Not much, right? When it comes to kegs, nothing will clock you in quite like the R2-D2 keg mod that is now available. I think we are all tired of the ordinary kegs that pretty much all look the same, apart from the print on them. Yeah, to push the party a little more into the Star Wars galaxy should be good, especially if you know your guests are hardcore Star Wars fans as well. It won’t take you all year to build your own R2-D2 keg either. It’s pretty straight forward, and besides, you already have the basic shape of it in your beer keg.

This particular one uses a Heineken keg, and it can be completed in just 5 simple steps. There is even a template you can print in order to finish up that menace of a beer keg that you want to boost your party with. The R2-D2 keg isn’t one of those hard to follow tutorials to build either. All you need is a little bit of time, and you should be all good to go. I am absolutely sure it will be a well received item when people start crowding up around it.

This particular R2-D2 keg mod is created by Instructables‘ PeckLauros who definitely knows how to infuse some rather awesome Star Wars energy into an ice cold party. Of course you don’t need it to be a Heineken beer keg. Any keg will do really, and all you need to do is follow the clear cut instructions until your R2-D2 keg is finished. Put it on the table and let people behold the awesomeness of both its exterior and interior. Beer the R2-D2 keg way probably tastes way better than the regular kind, right? Maybe not, but it’s still off the hook cool and deserves our attention.

The Epic R2-D2 Keg Mod Tutorial






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