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R2-BBQ & Beer2-D2: Perfect For The Summer BBQ Party

R2-BBQ & Beer2-D2: Perfect For The Summer BBQ Party

6 Years Ago By Richard Darell

It’s almost summer, and at least over here in Sweden, people have started to bust out the grills to experience the season’s first barbecue. There are of course a lot of different sizes, shapes and formats when it comes to this wonderful way of preparing food. The smoker grills are getting more and more popular, and they add a distinct flavor to the meal that is otherwise hard to achieve. However, finding the right one can be really hard if you are a geek and want a personalized one to fit your whole lifestyle. Manufacturers aren’t exactly focusing on making grills for geeks, if you know what I mean. If you want one to fit your lifestyle, you have to customize it yourself. It could sometimes be easier said than done.

But don’t you worry, there is a way to make this problem a memory. The guy that is going to help you is Philip Wise of New Wookie Workshop. It’s a custom made BBQ smoker called the R2-BBQ that will have your meal tasting nothing less than amazing. It’s created using a 55 gallon drum that is turned into what could only be described as R2-D2’s cousin (if not brother). Don’t you despair though, there is another one that will complete the summer BBQ party.

It is of course Beer2-D2, and it is one of R2-D2’s more bulky cousins. It will keep everyone at the party well refreshed by dispensing beer all throughout the evening at the happy gathering. Just make sure that these two don’t get too close to each other since that might spark some rather weird conversations between the two. Nobody likes to be held back from eating delicious BBQ food while there is robotic chatter going on. I have always said it, Star Wars is way cooler in reality.

BBQ R2-D2 Customizations For Summer

BBQ R2-D2 Customizations For Summer

BBQ R2-D2 Customizations For Summer

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