Waterproof Pocket Shorts Keep Your Geeky Gadgets Safe At The Beach

You can always tell who the geeks are at the beach. They are the people who are so attached to their gadgets that they can’t even leave them behind for a day in the sun. The only problem is that the beach and the pool aren’t very gadget friendly. I once had an iPhone take on a life of its own and jump out of my hands and drop right to the bottom of the pool. Hey, it happens. These waterproof pocket shorts, called stash, could change all that though.

These pockets shorts don’t just have a lame pocket sewed into them. Nope, instead they have an entire waterproof container that will fit all your must-haves. No more stuffing your phone in your shoe while you lounge at the pool. This definitely beats those dorky armbands that some people wear to secure their phones while they run on the beach. Those things scream “nerd,” which is no good.

You can watch the video below to see how they came up with the design for these pocket shorts. The weird thing is that these are part of a Kickstarter campaign that doesn’t look to be very successful. They were hoping to raise $135,000, and with 13 days to go, they’ve only raised $11,375. Anything can happen though, and they could end up getting the funding they need after all. If they don’t hit their goal, hopefully they will refine a few things and come back for another go at it.

Unfortunately, they don’t make a version of these pocket shorts for the ladies to keep their gadgets safe at the beach. That doesn’t mean we can show our geek style out there in the sun though. You could always wear an iKini. It’s a solar powered gadget-charging bikini.

Waterproof Pocket Shorts That Will Keep Your Gadgets Safe





Via: [Bem Legaus!]


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    dave flynn 5 years

    Oh man, why didn’t I think of that! I still would be a wary of putting my 500 dollar RAZR Max in there while swimming. I wouldn’t feel 100% confident.

    I think this is good though if you forget your phone is still in your pocket.

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    I bet they could have sold a lot more shorts if they had offered them in XL and/or XXL/XXXL sizes.

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