The Elegant Petri Dish Chandelier: Perfect For Biology & Science Geeks

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Suddenly all the light fixtures in my house seem hopelessly boring. All they do is, well, illuminate the room with light. This light fixture that I want to share with you today does much more than that. It also grows bacteria right above your head while you are eating dinner. This petri dish chandelier is creative on so many different levels. First of all, it’s made from 15,000 feet (4,572 meters) of fiber optic cables which are attached to all different sized petri dishes.

It comes with a ton of little connectors and caps so whoever has it can change the configuration whenever they want. There are two ways this petri dish chandelier can symbolize life. It can do so in the figurative way meaning that it represents life and the people who are dining beneath it. Or, it can do so in a literal way and grow bacteria in the petri dishes.

This light fixture is called Bacterioptica, and it’s definitely for biology buffs and science geeks. It comes with very detailed directions so whoever owns it can take samples from their own skin, their dinner guests’ skin, their yard, their refrigerator, the mold in their bathroom, etc. and place it in the petri dishes to grow. As the bacteria in the petri dishes gets larger, the way the chandelier shines light will change and evolve. From that sense, it definitely represents life and change.

The only question is, if you owned this, would you actually grow bacteria in each petri dish? Would you label each one and watch it grow just like you would in a lab? Wouldn’t that get kinda smelly? This is so creative, and I can think of a few people I know who would really like this. It was conceived and created by MADLAB.

The Petri Dish Chandelier

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