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Periodic Table Of Cupcakes: Perfect For Chemistry Geeks

Periodic Table Of Cupcakes: Perfect For Chemistry Geeks

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

You would think that since I’m on the Internet all day long, and since I’m such a Star Wars, Lego, and cupcake fanatic, that I would catch all the new stuff right when it is released, right? Pft!! Apparently not because these fabulous cupcakes (which are making me feel smart just from writing about them) made the rounds on the Internet a while back, and I totally missed them. I have no idea how that happened. I must have been busy trying to solve the issues surrounding world peace, or maybe I just overslept that day.

This is the Periodic Table of Cupcakes created by Rachel Howden. She made them for a gathering at her school. They are vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting and fondant cutouts with black icing writing. Rachel, you had me at helium. I love the taste of noble gases.

When I was reading the comments on reddit, I saw that someone wrote, “Maybe next time make the frosting colours match the spectrum emission lines of the elements…” Wtf? Ya’ll might have even gone over the edge for me with that one, and I’m pretty geeky. Either way, these are so badass, and they make me want to get out my beakers and test tubes and try to make an explosion of some kind. Thank you, Rachel! If you would like to see another version of the Periodic Table of Cupcakes (with lots of recipes incorporated), click over to Woman’s Day. It’s not nearly as cool as Rachel’s, but it’s still worth a peek.

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Via: [Huffington Post]

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