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Perfect Alarm Clock If You Have Trouble Waking Up

Perfect Alarm Clock If You Have Trouble Waking Up

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Do you have trouble actually hearing the alarm clock even though you have it on the highest setting? Yeah, I am quite aware that I sound like your average TV infomercial, but this is way more epic than any commercial you have ever seen on that channel, ever. This one is actually true in every single way. So, if you clicked through to this article, you are either a sound sleeper, or you are just curious about what madness the world has come up with now. Well, there are probably a million and one ways that you could try and wake up in the morning without hitting that snooze button. However, there is only one way you can actually wake up epic-style.

What you need is probably your own clock tower right up close to your ear. But that will never happen in a million years, right? Well, think again! All you need to do is call up Tazu Rous and ask if it would be possible for you to get a first hand experience with his latest concept creation. It’s a hotel room built around a clock tower in Belgium, at Ghent’s main train station. You will be treated to the most epic wake ups you could ever dream of.

You would probably be half deaf after it, but who cares. I mean, you will be at work before the damned thing even sounds off anyway since you would probably be scared half to death about the sound it would make. Think for a moment that you are sound asleep, dreaming about something quite astonishing, and all of a sudden when it’s time for your wake up call… GOONG! Yup, you will be awake! After your first hand experience you will probably sleep like a baby in your own comfortable bed, half deaf, sure, but never worrying about an alarm clock again. Epicness defined!





Via: [Neatorama]

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