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Nintendo Art Created Out Of Controller Cords

Nintendo Art Created Out Of Controller Cords

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Art can be created out of an endless number of things. It can be made from whatever you can think of really. Whether or not people will like it is a different story, but regardless, art can be put together from pretty much anything that fancies your effort. If you have been visiting Bit Rebels for a while, this is all probably apparent to you. There are so many different outlets for art that we foresee, and we will never run out of good content to share with you guys, at least when it comes to creative art. Game art has somewhat always been about different types of pixel art and how to bring the retro into today, but there is now a different kind of game art created by the gadgets themselves. For lack of a better description, I call it Nintendo art, which by all means is as broad as any art category can be, right?

This particular Nintendo art is created out of something as ordinary as controller cords. This Nintendo art, which is carefully put into the pattern of legendary Nintendo characters, is a sight for sore eyes. We haven’t seen much of this type of art before (sure, there was that thing with the cassettes), and it would certainly be a formidable contribution to any epic gamer’s room.

This project, created by Erika Iris, is called Ghost In The Machine. It will definitely make everyone realize that there is more to those old controllers than what meets the eye. I personally must say that I think it shows great creativity and artistry to be able to create something so alive, retro and eye-catching out of something that we have all been trying so furiously to untangle at some point in our lives. The fact that this miniseries of art is put into frames and locked into a timeless twist is evidence that the artist is absolutely dead serious about her art. It’s a great idea, and we here at Bit Rebels love this kind of creativity. If you know of something else that might be just as creative, never hesitate to hit us up and tell us about it.

Erika Iris’ “Ghost In The Machine” Nintendo Art

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Via: [Geekologie]

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