Mummy Wrap: The Earbud Wire Organizer That Lets You Wrap A Mummy

Sometimes it feels like tangled technology wires and cords are the bane of my existence. They can be so annoying! There have been tons of creative wire organizers introduced over the past few years (we’ve written about a lot of them), but most of the time, they are for use at home. I don’t have a problem with tangled wires at home. I have a problem with tangled wires when I’m mobile.

Since I work from different coffee shops and cafes around Atlanta during the week, I carry what I call my “technology bag” with me everywhere. It has my iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and several other small mobile devices, power cords, backup batteries, mice, etc. There is nothing more frustrating than pulling out a huge wad of tangled cords from that bag when I’m mobile.

Earbud or earpod cords are particularly fragile, so having a wire organizer with some personality to keep them nice and neat while mobile would be an appreciated solution, at least for me. I think I found that today in this mummy wrap wire organizer. It’s just what the name implies, a wire organizer, but it has the added feature that you’ll be able to wrap the mummy while you wrap your wires. How fun is that?

It’s such a simple little design, yet one that makes so much sense. It would make me smile every time I use it. It really requires no explanation other than you wrap your earbud wires around it and then secure them up by the mummy’s eyeball. That’s it. You’ve now wrapped the mummy while keeping your earbud wires from becoming a tangled up ball of doom. This mummy wire organizer can be found here on Amazon for $11.31. It’s advertised as being dirt-resistant, which I like the sound of too. Enjoy!

Mummy Wrap Wire Organizer

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Via: [Jay Mug]


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    This looks handy!

    I wonder if there’s a ninja model…

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