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Monolith: The iPhone Case That Has An Insane Projector

Monolith: The iPhone Case That Has An Insane Projector

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

As all of you know, we love breakthrough technology here at Bit Rebels. When it takes things we love to the very edge, we are on top of it like our lives depended on it. The iPhone 4S is predicted to be one of the best selling smartphones in history, and it will be interesting to see exactly how many of them got sold in the first weekend. Predictions said that 4 million of them will be purchased, and some say that Apple could possibly be looking at even a larger number. Either way, it is a huge amount of phones being sent out, and if anything, the predictions should be that the iPhone 4S will be sold out and people will most likely have to wait for their order to be processed until more have been manufactured.

It’s when people start inventing stuff to take the already available technology to new levels that things get really exciting. I recently stumbled upon some crazy cool technology that I think will become quite popular in the future. We have talked about it before, and even though none of the major smartphone manufacturers have yet picked up the idea, I am sure that Apple, if anyone, will be the first one to adapt this technology. Maybe it will even be in the iPhone 5 in a not so distant future.

It’s the Monolith case for the iPhone 4S that I am talking about. It’s not only a good looking case, but it’s actually a full on projector that packs quite an impact. All you have to do really is slide your iPhone into the case and the projector will be available whenever you feel you need to project something on whatever surface you choose to show your stuff on. It’s only available in Japan at the moment, but I am sure that someone will pick it up and make it available for the rest of the world soon. The price for this pimpin case is around $260, and I am sure you will have some nice movie evenings under the stars with this accessory. What a perfect vacation gadget to bring, wouldn’t you say?

Monolith iPhone 4S Projector Case

Monolith iPhone 4S Projector Case

Monolith iPhone 4S Projector Case

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