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Minecraft Cupcakes & Cakes To Celebrate Being Creative

Minecraft Cupcakes & Cakes To Celebrate Being Creative

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I could eat all of these Minecraft cupcakes right now. I’m going through a Minecraft and Temple Run phase at the moment. I can literally lose an hour in what feels like five minutes on Temple Run. It’s such a simple game, yet it will suck you in like a tornado. I remember when I worked so hard to save up 10,000 coins to buy a girl runner, and ever since I’ve had her, I haven’t looked back. My goal now is 1,000,000 points. I know, there are little kids who can get passed a million points, but I only play it in my free time, which I don’t have much of, so I’m building slowly. Minecraft, on the other hand, needs no explanation. Since there is a free copy of Minecraft downloaded every second, almost the entire world is aware of its awesomeness.

Since I am of the belief that a cupcake can be created to look like anything in the whole world, when I get excited about a game, one of the first things I do is look to see if anyone has created cupcakes for it. The world loves cupcakes, and so far the answer has always been yes. I keep saying that if I ever look for a cupcake and find out that it hasn’t been created yet, I will make it myself. But so far, that hasn’t happened.

Today it’s all about Minecraft cupcakes (and cakes). For you Temple Run fans… check back real soon because I’ve got those coming up. Every one of these Minecraft cupcakes and cakes is fabulous, and you can tell that the people who made them put a lot of Minecraft TLC into the process. Of course, the last one is a real Minecraft cupcake house. You didn’t think I could do an article about Minecraft cupcakes without including one of those, right? Please see the links below for the sources and artists. Delish!

Minecraft Cupcakes & Cakes









Image Credits: [Kalli Cakes and Confections] [flickr / Kalli Cakes] [deviantART / kirbykirbykirby1] [Ben and Kym] [Notorious Cupcakes] [thaeger] [Lazy Gamerz]

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