8 Stunning Micro LEGO Star Wars Characters

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I often use the word “epic” when I write, as many of you know. It comes naturally when I see things that are out of this world. We have focused on finding the very best stuff on the Internet, and more than often, we find stuff that is in fact unearthly. I have definitely tried to cut down on its usage when I write since it has to be one of the most overused words on the planet. To me, the word “epic” can describe something both huge and tiny, both grand and minimal. Yeah, it covers pretty much everything. Something that could definitely be labeled epic are the stunning creations of LEGO Star Wars characters that Flickr user Legohaulic put together. They are some of the most creative creations you can imagine made out of as few LEGO blocks as possible.

The really stunning thing about them is the fact that they all really look like the Star Wars characters they are based on. LEGO Star Wars characters have long been figurines. You know, those small yellow LEGO characters that with a little bit of paint can pretty much become anything. However, these LEGO Star Wars characters are built to completely resemble all of our favorite Star Wars characters made entirely out of blocks.

I have always said that being able to put together something with LEGO without having to use up thousands of blocks and still materialize what you have visualized takes both skills and imagination. These LEGO Star Wars characters are definitely proof of that. It’s a great series of micro LEGO Star Wars characters that includes not only Han Solo and Chewbacca, but also Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO and all of the other unforgettable characters. These would make a great set of products for LEGO if they boxed them all, don’t you think? Well, for now, they will remain the stunning project of a LEGO fanatic with a Star Wars craving worthy of a true geek. (Yes, I miss Yoda in this collection too.)

Legohaulic’s Micro LEGO Star Wars Characters

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