Meet The Man Behind The Amazing 3D Coffee Froth Art

We were all mesmerized by the coffee froth art that started going viral on the Internet some time ago. That you could do what they did with a little froth and some cinnamon or chocolate powder, boggled all our minds. But then along came someone that had to beat the competition to a pulp. A few hardcore “frothians” started creating 3D coffee froth art, and our minds were suddenly blown. But, who is behind these amazing creations and how do they do it?

Well there are actually 2 people in Japan that are dedicated full time to creating these types of coffee froth art. One of them is Kohei Matsuno. To start off with, he is the only one of the two that is carrying around his own froth machine. He goes from coffee house to coffee house to show off his epic skills to any coffee house that wants him to. If you’ve never seen 3D coffee froth art before, you are going to be marveled beyond your beliefs when you actually do see it in the video below.

Kohei actually created regular froth art before he started making it in 3D. It is a natural thing to take on more advanced things I guess, but he is under more stress now than before as he only has, (on average), 5 minutes to complete the final 3D coffee art sculpture before the froth is breaking down into a puddle of nothing.

When Kohei is on top of his game he believes that there are not many people that could beat him, but he will not have a chance to prove that as there are no competitions for people that do 3D coffee froth art. There are competitions for regular froth art, but he feels it would be a step down to start competing in a style that he long since stopped developing his skills in. Hopefully there will be more people starting to do 3D coffee froth art, so Kohei gets to compare his skills with others. Today he only has one other competitor and according to Kohei’s somewhat camouflaged answer this person wouldn’t be too much of a challenge – Video presented by Reuters.

Kohei Matsuno – 3D Coffee Froth Artist & Pinoeer

3d Coffee Froth Art

3d Coffee Froth Art

3d Coffee Froth Art

3d Coffee Froth Art


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    Bill Earley 4 years

    Where can I get a machine like this for my home?

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