Mass Effect Inspired Nerf Gun Mods

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One of the best parts of being an adult compared to being a child is that we have bigger toys. It’s just how it is. When you’re a kid, you are at the mercy of your family to get you the cool stuff. But as an adult, it’s a whole different story. You become large and in charge, and with that, you have access to the most badass stuff to make you feel like a kid again. A few months ago, Richard wrote about a crazy cool Nerf gun mod on etsy that was truly a sight to see. I would love to hold that baby in my hands and try it out for myself. You can check it out at Nerf Gun Of The Century Will Rule The Office War.

It was created by etsy seller SteampunkWasteland, and today I’d like to share more from this creative modder who knows how to bring a smile to our faces. The first two pictures below are Mass Effect inspired Nerf mods. I cannot believe how realistic they look. I just keep staring at them. They are truly the pinnacle of Nerf gun mod coolness.

The first one is obviously a Maverick, and the second one is a Super Soaker. The third one is his HALO inspired Maverick which I put in here for good measure. According to etsy, that one is a pirate steampunk dieselpunk Victorian post apocalyptic gun. And the last one is a sci-fi Nerf Sharp Shot. These are hand painted and a perfect complement to your Nerf gun arsenal or cosplay costume. These, and all the other ones he creates, are one-of-a-kind. You can check out his entire selection in the SteampunkWasteland etsy store. If you’d like see more Nerf gun mods, click over to Possibly The Best Nerf Gun Mods – Ever. #want





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