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Making The MGM Logo: The Shooting Of A Roar

Making The MGM Logo: The Shooting Of A Roar

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

For me, watching a movie is a way to escape from reality into the magical and boundless realm where anything is possible. The excitement that I feel before watching a movie I’ve been waiting to see for a long time can only be compared to the childlike excitement we have all felt the day before Christmas. It’s the only time uncertainty is a positive factor in your life, and you can feel it, almost physically. Every year the movies get more and more advanced, and the technology that is used to make them today is almost able to create worlds, people and emotions through CG, which previously could only be achieved by shooting the real world.

We still see the branding intros of the movie studios almost like they were, and they usually have their trademarked clips that we have seen for a few decades now. They just don’t change apart from a few updates to the quality. Take the MGM logo intro for example. It’s the one with the lion that roars at the viewer with the MGM logo all around it. It’s their way of telling us viewers that we’re about to watch something with quality and experience, a movie that we can be sure will take us on an awesome adventure.

Have you ever wanted to know just how these intros were created? Well, when it comes to the MGM movie intro, it was quite a simple setup that you will definitely think is hilarious yet awesome. I have found a few images of the actual event when they shot the videos, and a few images of the different lions they have used through the years to update and refine their now legendary introduction video. Let yourself be inspired because as you can see anything is possible with the help of a creative mind. Pure awesomeness!

Shooting The MGM Logo Video

Shooting The MGM Logo Video

Shooting The MGM Logo Video

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