MacGyver Multitool Is The Only Tool You Will Ever Need

I don’t think there has been any kid who hasn’t at some point wished they were MacGyver. He’s the dude who can seemingly create anything out of nothing. The cult TV series that aired from 1985 to 1992 left a lasting memory that is hard to erase, not that we would we want to erase it. MacGyver’s resourcefulness is legendary and cheered by generations. I remember watching each episode with both interest and a dash of skepticism, as I think everyone else did. The ingenuity MacGyver managed to pour out of each situation still felt genuine. I mean, you have to respect anyone who can make a multitool out of a paperclip, right? As it turns out, Glasslite supposedly made a MacGyver multitool available back in the old days, and it was said to have been authentic.

The hilarious product was actually called a MacGyver multitool as well. It’s something that has come to be debated for years after the product “stopped” being sold. There is a rumor that there are still MacGyver multitools to be found on eBay if you are interested in having one. They make for a pretty cool collector’s item and will most likely increase in value the longer you keep the packaging intact.

If it wasn’t for the packaging, the product wouldn’t be worth much. I mean, it’s a paperclip! Well, it’s MacGyver multitool paperclip, but still. It is the packaging that will bring in the big bucks. It’s one of those geeky collector’s items that I can see living on for a long time just because it’s so funny. I just did a quick search on eBay, but unfortunately I could find any. It could be an Internet urban legend or a Photoshop job. Maybe you will have better luck in finding one. Please don’t hesitate to put the link in the comment section below so everyone can have a look at it if you find one. I sure wouldn’t mind having a MacGyver multitool in my collection of cool things. After all, my collections are quite slim at the moment, so any additional collector’s items will definitely have an impact. Especially when it’s a MacGyver multitool! But the question is…is it real?

The Legendary MacGyver Multitool Collector’s Item





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    Daniel Tool 5 years

    I am so gonna buy this just for the package.In fact and would just buy the package and put 10 or perhaps 100 “multi tools” in. Such a great marketing idea

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