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Live Long & Prosper With Star Trek Sugar Cookies

Live Long & Prosper With Star Trek Sugar Cookies

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

As all true Trekkies know, yesterday marked the 45th anniversary of Star Trek. It’s hard to believe that the first episode of Star Trek aired on television 45 years ago because Star Trek is still crushin it today. What a lot of people don’t know is that the show was cancelled a few years later, only to resurface again in the 70s.

Yesterday, an article on CBS News featured a poster from back in 1966 that promoted the show. Those old episodes are just as relevant to me now as they were when I saw them for the first time. With a new movie planned for next year, it appears Trekkies will have enough material to live long and prosper well into the future.

As I saw websites everywhere yesterday featuring their tributes to the show, I scouted out my favorite thing to share with you today. Although this Star Trek infographic is nice, it’s not quite as delicious as what I decided on. Leave it to Bakingdom to do something reeeeeally special to celebrate Star Trek’s anniversary. I wrote about Bakingdom one time before when they created a recipe (approved by J.K. Rowling herself) for Harry Potter Butterbeer. This time around, Darla created some Star Trek sugar cookies, which boldly go where no cookie has gone before. In her post, she talks about Captain Kirk being a playa and how low budget it all looked. I remember that! I love it! You can check it out for yourself here. In the meantime, enjoy her Star Trek cookie creations.

Trekkies 45 Years Star Trek

Trekkies Star Trek 45 Years

Trekkies Star Trek 45 Years

Trekkies Star Trek 45 Years

Trekkies Star Trek 45 Years

Via: [Boing Boing]

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