Live Like An Elf In An Extraordinary LOTR Treehouse

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How would you like to live like an elf? We’ve featured a lot of exquisite treehouses on Bit Rebels, and each time when I think I’ve seen it all, I find another one that blows my mind. Hanging out in a tree has progressed a lot from back in the days when we used to throw some blankets over some barely elevated slabs of wood and call it a treehouse fort. And no, people don’t use empty tin cans attached to string to communicate from them anymore.

Modern day treehouses are pimped out to the max, and there is no end to what people can do in a tree. This treehouse restaurant where people deliver your food via zip line is a perfect example. Today I’ll show you how you can live like an elf in a tree. These extraordinary elevated pods, which are treehouses, look like something out of a movie. That movie would be LOTR, and these could be in Lothlorien.

They were designed by Antony Gibbons, and they’re called a Roost Treehouses. Every single detail on these is magnificent, and I’m in love with those spiral staircases. Not only will you live like an elf, you’ll also live like a treehouse king in one of these things. Each one of these pods was specifically designed so it won’t hurt the environment. The space on the inside of each treehouse is about enough living space for two people.

If I had one of these tucked away in a forest somewhere deep in the woods, I would escape there for months at a time. They look like heaven to me. Unfortunately, these particular designs haven’t been built yet, but everything is all ready to make them a reality. You can click over to Antony Gibbons website or Inhabitat to read more about them. A treehouse never looked so magical and dreamy.

Live Like An Elf In This LOTR-Style Treehouse






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